“My life, my family, my Art”

Mona Lisa



At nineteen, I married the man of my dreams. He had two children – they were as my own. Loving Joe was like touching heaven: together, we had five. Then by circumstances that arise, we welcomed into our home two more, the same ages as my stepson and daughter. We raised these wonderful two for nine years.

Then the HORRIBLE happened. Shortly after celebrating our 20th year of HAPPINESS, my husband, the love of my life, died. His car veered off the road – and he was gone. Into the hands of my Father: God.


I had to raise the five younger ones – myself. Just before Joe’s passing, my sister introduced me to faux finishing. At first she apprenticed me and then I continued with classes and additional training so that I could excel in the art of faux.

Paint, color, designing, decor. For over 25 years, I painted for wealthy clients in Chicago and surrounding cities.

My youngest departed for new horizons in 2015. I was in our large home alone . Then my oldest daughter Elisha, living on Kaua’i, “suggests” to sell the family home and… “move to these beautiful, warm islands. You’ll love it here with Kelii and me, and Justin and Danielle, and the grandkids.” I LOVE CHILDREN! Dare I?


In the Fall of 2016 my house sells (for what I was asking!) and by December I am In Kauai!

Here is where my ART begins – or should I say, “From faux continues…?” Elisha strongly suggests (actually God spoke to her!) to go into ART. Me?

And, just like with my sister 25 years earlier, I am enthralled – and want to learn all I can. This time – – it’s a fabulous professor at Kaua’i Community College, Charles Graybosch. What a teacher! Study, draw, learn.  Not finished, but…

Finally moved and completely SETTLED: with my family, some of my close and dear friends from my Church in Illinois living here too.  I now have a small studio, my paints and the time to be inspired!

I thank God, my Heavenly Father, for loving and leading me!

What a wonderful life!


Artistic Works

“O Wau, I Am”

The Mona Lisa of the Pacific.
36″ x 36″, Mixed Media
Kaua’i Society of Artists. Spring Show, First Place


First view of a stunning valley
48″ x 36″, Diptych, Mixed Media
Kaua’i Society of Artists. Spring Show, First Place

“I Am Hawai’i”

These are my islands, Ku’u home
36″ x 36″, Mixed Media
2019 ART Kaua’i . Accepted

Commercial Projects . Faux Finishing

MONA LISA’S clients number over 450 private residences. The following are some of MONA LISA’S commercial projects:
ASID Show Houses – 1995 to 2001
Northern IL

Cliffbreakers Restaurant

Ingrassia Furniture

The Stockholm Inn
Northern, IL

Boulder Ridge Country Club
Lake In The Hills, IL

Dixon, IL

Patchwork Inn, Historic Bed and Breakfast
Oregon, IL

Publications featured in

Mona Lisa’s work has been featured in numerous publications.

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Rockford Magazine
Rockford Register Star & Affiliates